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Are surgical gowns the same as regular clothes?
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We saw in the operating room that all the medical staff wear a uniform uniform, which is very different from our doctors' white coats and nurses' uniforms, whether it is in terms of color or style. , or from the fabric, there are certain differences. This kind of clothing is the surgical gown that must be worn in the operating room. It is a very special kind of clothing, and it is also a work clothes with good protection. Creating a sterile surgical environment for patients can also prevent germs from infecting patients and our medical staff.


The fabric of this kind of clothing is quite special. Generally, it is made of very light and thin high-grade plastic, and the process is also very special. It will be covered with a film. This special material and process can be very good in surgery. Prevent the spread of germs and protect our medical staff and patients. This kind of overalls are generally disposable. After our medical staff perform a patient's operation, they will take it off at the first time and put it in the designated recycling place, so as to avoid the spread of germs. General hospitals will have specialized personnel to dispose of these used surgical gowns.


Generally speaking, this kind of professional work clothes cannot be bought outside. Generally, they are custom-made and purchased in some regular manufacturers, so as to ensure its overall safety.

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