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Do you know why surgeons wear surgical gowns? What are the clothing styles and color combinations used in the operating room
Release time:2022-10-13Source:CobesView:618

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in the medical industry, and are generally used on many disposable items, such as medical disposable surgical gowns, shoe covers, gloves, etc. But we need to consider an electrostatic factor when choosing, because any fabric will generate static electricity after friction, etc., especially in the medical industry, because static electricity may cause some accidents. So we need to avoid these materials that cause static electricity when choosing.

For some places with strict requirements on static electricity, if we want to enter, it is better to choose the anti-static clothing to enter. The anti-static clothing should be strictly followed the instructions in the normal use and storage process, otherwise the anti-static clothing will be reduced. performance. For those that are damaged or have been too long, we need to scrap them in time to avoid irreversible losses. Safety is very important to any industry, especially the medical industry, because it is closely related to human life, and we should not be careless about any small details.

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