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Surgical Gown Styles and Material Introduction
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Under normal circumstances, surgical gowns have a relatively wide range of overall applications. Surgical gowns can also be used during surgical operations; surgical gowns are required to treat patients, epidemic prevention departments, and virus-contaminated areas. Protect the bodies of those involved in the work.

Surgical gowns are mostly made of non-woven materials, and in the process of production, an appropriate amount of reinforcement will be added to make it a non-woven composite material. This material has certain characteristics during use. Excellent durability, and its overall fabric is relatively fine and breathable, which can be said to be light, loose and soft. Therefore, many medical institutions and chemical researchers like to wear this kind of surgical gown for surgical work or scientific research work.

During the production process of surgical gowns, it will be produced according to the needs of customers and the scope of application. In the middle, in the process of customization, the optional style of surgical gown can choose the style of split hat and clothes.


Surgical gowns, most of the time, choose a non-toxic, odorless, and high-performance bacteria barrier. The materials used can effectively achieve good anti-plasma and anti-alcohol effects after high-temperature treatment by special equipment, and in the process of use, they will not be contaminated by doctors using alcohol on patients. cause fire incidents.

At present, most of the surgical gowns produced in the market are made of non-woven fabrics. This kind of fabric has certain durability and good insulation effect during use. After wearing it, the wearer will feel It is different from surgical gowns made of other materials, mainly because its overall fabric is relatively fine, soft, and at the same time has a certain degree of expansion. Therefore, after the doctors wear it, it will not only fit the body, but also It can effectively protect its body from the invasion of germs.

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