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Advantages and Compostion of Disposable Surgical Packs
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Now that there are more and more bacteria in the hospital, more and more attention is paid to sterilization and disinfection. Before entering the operating room for surgery, medical staff must make preoperative preparations in advance and quickly, so as to win more for the operation. Therefore, the use of disposable surgical packs has been widely used, thus gaining a lot of time for surgery in advance, so what are the advantages of disposable surgical packs?


Disposable surgical packs save costs Concentrating the routine products needed for surgery in one combined kit can reduce costs and save costs more than purchasing each product separately.

It can also save time and effort. The combination package prepares all the conventional products needed for the operation in a centralized manner, which reduces the preoperative preparation time of medical staff and wins time for the operation where every second counts.

Safe and reliable: All products are disposable products, which strictly meet the relevant quality standards at home and abroad. The entire product production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in the purification workshop. Minimizing the risk of incipient contamination, coupled with strictly controlled sterilization, ensures product safety.

Professional design: a robust and professional development team designs suitable component configurations according to the surgical characteristics of various parts of the human body.

Personalized customization: We provide surgical gowns of various materials, surgical drapes specially designed for a certain operation, and various medical dressings to meet the needs of various types of operations.


The use of disposable surgical packs can save time and cost better, so that it is safe and reliable, and can buy more time for patients who undergo surgery, so that they can better prepare for the surgery.


Precautions for product use:

  1. This product has been sterilized, and it is strictly forbidden to use if the package is damaged.
  2. This product is limited to one-time use. It should be used immediately after opening the package, and should be incinerated after use.
  3. The product is valid for three years.


Storage method:

Store in a clean, dry, well-ventilated place away from open flames.



  1. It can absorb all the waste materials during the operation of the patient at one time, effectively preventing cross-infection.
  2. Surgical gowns and surgical drapes made of imported materials have strong absorption and pollution resistance, and the surgical gowns with excellent air permeability make doctors feel more comfortable.
  3. The operative field is fresh, and quickly absorbs blood and other liquids after the operation, so that the operator has a clear view and is convenient for operation.
  4. Easy to operate. The hole towel is used in a single layer and is easy to spread.
  5. Stack according to the sequence used by the operator.
  6. The packaging is sterile and safe, and the validity period is three years
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