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The difference between hand washing clothes and surgical clothes for doctors Static electricity must be considered when selecting disposable surgical clothes
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As far as we know, the clothes that doctors need to wear when entering the operating room are called surgical clothes and some people also call hand washing clothes. So, what's the difference between hand washing clothes and surgical clothes? We all know that the operating room is a magical and sacred place. It is in good order and bacteria isolation. To do this, it is inseparable from a very strict system. Doctors must wear surgical clothes and must wash their hands and disinfect. It is necessary to explain the difference between surgical clothes and hand washing clothes. Next, let's let Yadir's small knitting lead us to know about it.


What's the difference between surgical clothes and hand washing clothes- Sankai Garments tells you that the working clothes in the operating room are different from those of ordinary nurses. The formal appearance on the stage is a long sleeved gown with a small high collar, which is opened at the back and worn with the help of a nurse. This is called a surgical gown. The color is mostly light blue or light green. If the inside of the operating suit contacts the doctor's body, it is regarded as a clean area; if the outside contacts blood, body fluid and patients, it is regarded as a contaminated area. The surgical gown must completely isolate the polluted environment and clean environment, so it is tightly wrapped.


Usually V-neck short sleeve short style, the formal name is called hand washing clothes. It is the work clothes used by the operating room staff in the clean environment of the operating room, which can be worn by doctors, nurses or anesthesiologists. Once you enter the operating room, you must request to change the work clothes. The short sleeves are designed to facilitate the cleaning of hands, forearms and the front third of upper arms for the personnel involved in the operation.


After the operation personnel wash their hands, the nurse shall assist them to put on the operating clothes.


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Some prefer to use color to distinguish different workers. For example, in Japan, anesthesiologists usually wear dark red hand washing clothes. In China, it is green.


There is also a kind of clothes in the operating room, called visiting clothes, which is used for external personnel to wear when entering the operating room.


Except for the operating room and some specific departments, the work clothes of other nurses are what you call white dresses. All styles and colors will not be the same. However, such operations are generally used all over the world. Do you know why surgeons wear surgical clothes, which is also what you call nursesuniform. In addition, summer clothes will be changed into short sleeved style.


More concerned:


Non woven fabrics are widely used in the medical industry, generally used for many disposable items, such as disposable medical surgical clothes, shoe covers, gloves, etc. However, we need to consider an electrostatic factor when selecting, because any fabric will generate static electricity after friction, especially in the medical industry, because static electricity may lead to some accidents. Therefore, we need to avoid these materials that cause static electricity.


For places with strict static electricity requirements, if we want to enter, we'd better choose the anti-static clothing. The anti-static clothing should strictly follow the instructions in the normal use and storage process, otherwise it will reduce the anti-static performance of the clothing. For those that are damaged or have been for too long, we need to scrap them in time to avoid irreparable losses. Safety is very important for any industry, especially the medical industry. Because it is closely related to human life, we should not be careless in any small detail.


Well, let's talk about "why it is necessary to choose an anti-static surgical gown" today. If you have any questions, or want to know something about Hefei Gaobei Medical&Health Products Co., Ltd., you can consult our customer service by phone or online!

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