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Problems encountered in the disposable surgical gown market & the importance of surgical gowns to surgeons
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Problems Encountered in Disposable Surgical Gown Market

First, the formulation of standards and norms is seriously lagging behind, and the lag in standard work directly leads to uneven product quality. According to statistics, there are currently 32 current standards related to nonwoven products for medical and health use, of which only 3 were national standards formulated urgently during the SARS outbreak in 2003, and the others are industry standards formulated by the medical system, and most of them are product standards or Terms, not more than 12 standards directly related to textiles. In addition, at present, the procurement work of hospitals in our country is usually carried out by the medical administration department or the equipment department. Due to the lack of product standards and material certification requirements, the procurement can only pass the "three certificates" inspection, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, how to formulate a detailed standard work plan according to the needs of current industrial development is a very urgent and important task for the entire medical and health surgical gown industry.


Second, there is a lack of guidance and protection mechanisms in policies and regulations. The unclear formulation of laws and regulations on medical practice protection and the lack of personal protection guarantee mechanism have a great impact on the demand for medical protection products in my country. The Ministry of Health has issued laws and regulations such as the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law", "Regulations on the Administration of Hospital Infection", and "Regulations on Public Health Emergency Response", which stipulate the personal protection of medical personnel in diagnosis and treatment and related work, but except for the "Avian Influenza The Principles of Protection for Occupational Exposure Personnel stipulates the quality and performance requirements of protective equipment, the order of putting on and taking off, and the effective time for use. Other laws and regulations have no specific regulations on the performance and use requirements of personal protective equipment for medical personnel, let alone medical protective equipment. standardization requirements.


Third, the certification work hinders the healthy development of the industry. Due to the lack of technical support for standards and usage specifications, the certification of my country's medical and sanitary nonwovens industry is relatively blank, especially the approval and certification mechanism for surgical gowns is chaotic: ordinary cotton protective clothing and ordinary nonwoven protective clothing are a type of medical device. It can be approved by the municipal medical device management department; disposable and multiple medical protective clothing belongs to the second-class medical device, which is approved by the provincial medical device management department, but the corresponding technical standards and production specifications for materials and products are not certified and stipulated .


In addition, a large number of high-end medical surgical gowns, masks and other products produced in my country are exported to China at high prices after being certified and packaged by foreign authoritative testing agencies. The extension of the circulation link has greatly increased the cost of end users and seriously hindered the healthy development of the industry. It also inhibits the promotion of high-performance products in domestic hospitals. In fact, many surgical gowns imported from abroad are made in my country, but the purchase price of domestic hospitals is much higher than the ex-factory price.


Fourth, the construction of public innovation service platforms and systems is weak. Compared with developed countries, most of my country's industrial nonwovens enterprises are limited by scale strength and development background, the proportion of scientific research investment is relatively small, and there are phenomena such as single products, insufficient innovation ability and low-level repetitive construction. At the same time, the storage and distribution mechanism of medical protection products is not perfect. Domestic medical protective equipment is basically self-produced and sold by enterprises. There is a lack of material testing and distribution agencies that can have stable contacts with many companies. Product scheduling is not smooth. When public health emergencies occur, production and supply are prone to chaos. Therefore, enterprises must have the ability to do their own marketing strategies according to the needs of hospitals, and the problems encountered in the disposable surgical gown market in order to seize the market when the opportunity comes.


The importance of surgical gowns for surgeons

The whole process of the operation requires non-toxic and sterile, which is a requirement to ensure the safety of the patient's life. Before entering the operating room, the doctor who performs the operation will be "fully armed" before entering. Isolation suits, isolation caps, masks, and heavy disinfection processes ensure that the entire operation is non-toxic and sterile.


Hospitals generally have requirements for doctors' ordinary work clothes, which are neat and clean, without fancy patterns, uniform colors, etc., in order to make the profession of doctors look more professional. The requirements for surgical gowns are even higher, because the doctors who perform the surgery are likely to spend several hours on the operating table, or even more than ten hours. How can doctors be able to work normally for such a long time? If surgical gowns are just casual work clothes, can doctors work for more than ten hours? The requirements for surgical gowns must first be worn without discomfort, and secondly, they must not hinder doctors from performing normal operations. Surgical gowns must be absolutely quiet and pollution-free, which is an important protection for patients.


In fact, the requirements for doctors' surgical gowns in hospitals are far more than these. If a doctor accidentally rubs the surgical gown on the ground or other objects outside, it needs to be replaced immediately. Such strict requirements are the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of the operation. Therefore, when purchasing surgical gowns, the hospital will find professional and authoritative manufacturers to customize them for the purpose of safety.

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