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What is the composition of surgical packs?
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Disposable surgical packs are common disposable medical equipment in clinical medicine, including disposable surgical gowns, surgical drapes, surgical towels, plastic plates, disposable plastic cups, medical bowls, gauze pieces, disposable medical tweezers, gauze, disposable gloves, etc. Disposable surgical pack can only be used once and need to be disposed after use. Its main function is to be used in surgical operations, especially for patients with infectious diseases, and can also be used in surgical operations that do not have disinfection conditions such as rural areas.

The disposable surgical pack is made of thin adhesive non-woven fabric as the main raw material, which is cut or melted, stretched and assembled. More components can be included in disposable surgical pack, such as medical surgical masks, sun visors, strong light flashlight pads, soft cloth for surgical treatment holes, surgical gloves, medical tweezers, medical bandages and medical dressings. Surgical packs are sterilized by ethylene oxide and pass commodity sterility test before use.

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