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Introduction and Analysis of Disposable Surgical Gown_The Function of Disposable Surgical Pack
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Cobes Health Care (Hefei) Co Ltd. is very professional in disposable surgical gowns. Today, we will introduce you to disposable surgical gowns. We hope that through our introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of disposable surgical gowns.

If the surgical gown is just a casual work clothes, can doctors work for more than ten hours? The requirements for surgical gowns must first be worn without discomfort, and secondly, they must not hinder doctors from performing normal operations. Finally, surgical gowns must be absolutely quiet and pollution-free, which is an important protection for patients.

In fact, the requirements for doctors' surgical gowns in hospitals are far more than these. If a doctor accidentally rubs the surgical gown on the ground or other objects outside, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Such strict requirements are the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of the operation. Therefore, when purchasing surgical gowns, the hospital will find a professional manufacturer to make a one-time customized operation. The importance of surgical gowns to surgeons is for safety.


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Disposable surgical packs are mainly used in surgeries, which can save the doctor's preoperative preparation time, so that the surgery can be carried out quickly, and more time is saved for the surgery.

Surgical packs are mainly composed of large-hole drape, surgical drapes, wrapper, table cover, bed cover, surgical gowns, surgical caps, shoe covers, middle drapes, plastic disinfection brushes, plastic disinfection trays, and disposable plastic tweezers, suture needle, suture thread, laparotomy towel, rubber gloves and examination gloves.

Among them, the large-hole drape, surgical drapes, wrapper, table cover, bed cover, surgical gowns, surgical caps, shoe covers, hole towels and middle sheets are made of non-woven fabrics as the main raw material. The rubber gloves and examination gloves in the surgical packs are made of natural latex, the sutures are processed from natural silk, the suture needles are made of stainless steel, the plastic disinfection tray, disposable plastic tweezers, and plastic disinfection brushes are all made of polyethylene. The laparotomy towel is made of absorbent cotton gauze.

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